Clean mountain, actions to preserve the Nature around

« How the mountain is beautiful », this is how the French singer Jean Ferrat describes it in one of his songs. This is the reason why we must preserve it. Here are some actions to keep the beauty of mountains peaks:


Respect Nature: local fauna and flora need to be protected for everybody to enjoy.


Avoid skiing on environmentally sensitive zones, such as the forest, which is a safe haven for wildlife. When coming across an animal, let it go without scaring it!


Avoid skiing/boarding on new shoots that won’t get a chance to grow if you ski on them!


Keep all your rubbish! Don’t litter! That includes cigarette butts!!! Keep them in your pocket, in your bag, or use a pocket ashtray. Dispose of your rubbish in the bins you will find by the ski lifts.


New Solarium Hotel*** and Banyan Hotel **** are committed to Travelife since 2011, an certified ecolabel organism.  We want to ensure environment with Travelife label and we make a lot of efforts to preserve it. We thank you for supporting us in our environmental approach!