Courchevel, leader in the ski for all – handi ski infrastructures (ski lifts, ski lessons…)

In addition of all the activities and its elegant aspect, Courchevel is also a ski resorts that thinks of you. With its 5 villages on different altitudes, Courchevel offers instructive holidays for families, ski amateurs of ski professional. It is a resort for everybody. Absolutely everybody.

Courchevel is leader for ski for all. Here, everybody can discover or re discover the sensations of sliding thanks to the ESF ski schools. ESF takes part into the training to reduced mobility persons with its program Handiski. With special equipment, they follow them in their learning of ski and mountain discovery. Each year, more and more ski instructors improve their knowledge regarding this matter. The resort has 12 monitors trained for Handiski that offers a tailored training, with the perfect equipment.  A real pleasure for them and a priority for Courchevel.

For every person with physical or mental deficiencies,   private lessons are more and more adapted to your needs and rhythm.  For the resort, physical or mental deficiency should not be an obstacle to ski, and makes it very best to offer the best solutions adapted to their need. In 2017, more than 70% of ski lifts in Courchevel are adapted to wheel chair skiers. Courchevel ranks itself amongst the resort of the Northern Alps with the most of equipments for reduced mobility skiers. The goal is easy: see everybody skiing, having fun and improving. Whatever your deficiency, of one the biggest ski resorts is welcoming and waiting for you.

As well as the resort, it will be a pleasure to welcome you at hotel New Solarium.