In need of relaxation after season’s greetings? Feel welcome in our spa

This is it, season’s greetings are done. Even if we like family moments, gourmet meals and champagne, we have to admit that it is tiring.

With the endless meals, winter cold and lake of sleep, you are K.O and we understand you. And, above all you have to deal with the family in law. It is time to relax. You deserve it after the Christmas present’s race. This time, the wellness area of New Solarium and Banyan treat you well taking care of you.

Dive in the pool facing the forest to relax your muscle softly. There is nothing better than a swim to get in shape. Wellness areas of our hotels are a nice way to release pressure. Sauna and Hamman are in free access from 10:00am to 08:00pm. You can even have a massage! Close your eyes and chill out. With our essential oils beauty treatments, you will be relaxed. There is no better way to start the year.

Our spa is the most precious way to get healthy and to start 2017 in a good mood. Ready to face 2017 and to come back visit us for next holidays. We quickly get used to it!