LMH- Travelife hotels, environmental commitment

New Solarium and Banyan hotels take care of the environment and get involved. We have to offer the best holiday’s quality to our guests regarding human being and nature.

Environmental aspect is very important in hotel daily management in order to preserve the nature around us. This is why hotels of Lodges and Mountain group have decided to take part of Travelife project since 2011.

What is Travelife? It is an environmental certification involved in a global and European sustainable action of tourism, which contributes to sustainable development and environmental and cultural protection within tourism and travel sectors. To do so, participants have to respect requirement specifications such as use of at least 50% of fair trade products for tea and coffee, two-sided documents, computation of energy, use of eco-label cleaning products, and work with local suppliers etc.

All the teams of New Solarium http://www.hotelnewsolarium.com and Banyan http://www.banyan-hotel.com are proud to be part of this project and to be able to contribute to it. As client, you can also help us by keeping their towels for more than one night and sustainable use of electrical devices in the rooms.