Sophie Roskam, the soul of Lodges & Mountain Hotels….

New Solarium and Banyan hotels would not be that unique without the work of one person, Managing Director of the group Lodges & Mountain Hotels, Sophie Roskam. Every day, it is with limitless passion and energy that she brings its know-how to the development of both hotels. Sophie Roskam is like the soul of Lodges & Mountain….


Daughter of diplomats, Sophie Roskam has lived abroad many years. For her studies, she comes back to France where she obtains her diploma in Foreign Languages (English/Spanish) in Paris. During the following 3 years, she attended the Vatel Hospitality School. She left Paris for London during 2 years, then Eastern Europe and Africa. This real fears nothing. It is finally in 1999 that she arrives in Savoie, in Courchevel ski resort, which took a important part in her heart. It is the beginning of a real love story with the region.


At first Managing director of New Solarium Hotel, she becomes Managing Director of the group in 2016 thanks to her studies which bring her high level of qualifications. Sophie Roskam is bilingual in English. Her job is not her only passion; she also enjoys fitness and dance, as well as traveling in wonderful places of the globe such as Chili, Morocco, China, Romania… in constant movements. However, nothing can be compared to Courchevel in her heart. “It is the place in the world where I have spent most of my time. I have settled there, have found my husband and had my 2 children. I have also met wonderful friends. For having travelled a lot, it became the place I can call home” says Sophie. According to her, Courchevel is a magical place and we do agree.

 Sankt Anton also has a place in her heart “a snowy paradise, a modern ski resort who kept its traditional aspect”.


You understand it; it is a true and strong link in between the managing director and the group Lodges & Mountain, as well as your two favorites ski resorts. A link that Sophie Roskam keeps alive in order to offer the best of our hotels. She has a wish for future that you agree with: a lot of snow starting on December.