Spring skiing benefits

Spring is here and end of season is coming. However, it is never too late to come and enjoy ski and mountain. Moreover, there are many benefits to come skiing at that time, such as:

Nice temperatures: you will enjoy sunny days, without having to take a snow survival kit to avoid from cold or taking the risk to lose your foot toes at the end of the day.

Soft snow: easier to practice, so less efforts on your articulations. Oh, and in case of falling down, it will not hurt you!

Less people on the slopes: once school holidays done, take some time to enjoy gently the slopes, to stop by to have a look at the landscape or take a picture, without bothering other skiers. If less people on slopes, it means less people on ski lifts queue. You will have relaxing days that would be great for you.

Days are becoming longer: it means more time to have a perfect tan on coffee terrace or altitude restaurants, and maybe a little walk by the resort at the end of the day. In other words, pure happiness.