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Travelife certification, a strong engagement –awareness to environment protective actions

Created in 2007, travelife certification is engaged in a global and European sustainable action of tourism. In other words, it contributes to sustainable development and environmental and cultural protection within tourism and travel sectors. Travelife offers to companies knowledge, solutions and skills in order to manage their social and environmental impacts.

Hoteliers have to respect a list of easy criteria to respect regarding sustainable development. For example: use of at least 50% of fair trade products for tea and coffee, two-sided documents, computation of energy etc… This certification has amongst its members hotels and resorts worldwide. Our group Lodges & Mountain Hotels became a member in 2011, making environment protection one of its priorities.

The goal is easy: to offer quality holidays to our guests while respecting Human and Nature. To do so, we need your help with easy actions. Together, let’s preserve the planet! Thanks to this daily work, our groups succeed in reducing its water consumption of 10% in one year but also gas consumption. The good results of New Solarium and Banyan hotels make us confident in continuing this way. An engagement in favor of environmental and social protection of which we are proud. Various actions consist in reducing pollution using fewer products with damaging substances, but also preserve our natural resources or offer activities that protect the Nature. We also foster our employees, suppliers, but also our clients to take part of the adventure. Travelife certification is as much important for us as welcoming you.

 New solarium and Banyan are proud to act for sustainable tourism and are waiting for you!